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I’m positive lots of you might have heard concerning the iNav theme… WHAT! JK, it’s totally okay for those who haven’t heard about it especially because I’m going to tell you about it proper now! Nav is a theme fairly much like no different theme out there. Since it’s release, there have been many themes based off of it but, it was definitly one in all a form! It does take a few minutes (okay, like 20 minutes) and a bit work (no SSHing though!) to arrange this theme so, I’m going to stroll you through it. First, you have to to go into Cydia and install the iNav theme via the modmyi source. If you do not already have the Categories utility put in, it should set up it as properly. 1. Install the iNav theme via the modmyi supply. 2. Be sure that the Categories utility was also installed when you installed iNav (it was suppose to put in robotically with the theme).

If it did not set up Categories, go into Cydia and install Categories by way of the BigBoss source. 3. Open Categories and create a folder titled Games (it doesn’t matter what icon you choose for the folder). 4. Put all of your games into the Games folder. 5. Create a folder in Categories titled Apps (it doesn’t matter what icon you choose for the folder). 6. Put the rest of your applications in the Apps folder besides - Photos, Settings, Games, Apps, Text, Phone, Mail, iPod and Safari. That signifies that even the Categories utility itself will go into the Apps folder. 7. Close the Categories utility. You should only have the Photos, Settings, Games, Apps, Text, Phone, Mail, iPod and Safari icons in your SpringBoard. 8. Move the Settings software to your dock. 9. Move the rest of the apps (Photos, Games, Apps, Text, Phone, Mail, iPod and Safari) so that there is one app on every page of your SpringBoard. 10. Go into WinterBoard (which is most probably in the Apps folder now) and active each the iNav Beta theme and the No Undocked Icon Labels mod.

Ok, issues will look slightly loopy at first. The icons for this theme are bigger than regular so, you should have a big icon in the higher left nook of each SpringBoard page. 13. Tap and hold any icon till they enter "move" mode and are wiggling! I'd counsel simply tapping and holding in the middle of your dock the place your Safari icon was positioned. Once the icons are in "move" mode, you will notice that there are a ton of clean icons. That is where issues can get slightly tough and barely time consuming. 14. Move the icon within the higher left corner of your SpringBoard into the second row of icons… 15. Repeat step 14 for every SpringBoard web page. 16. Move three blank icons onto your dock… 17. Move the remainder of the clean icons to look like the screenshot below. Each SpringBoard page may have 10 clean icons (not together with the clean icons in the dock).

18. After you have all the clean icons in the right locations… 19. TaDa! You now have the iNav theme. Each SpringBoard web page ought to include as soon as large icon (Photo’s, Games, Apps, My SMS, Contact, E-Mail, Media and Internet). Just a few final steps… 20. Open the Apps application. 21. Tap on the "i" icon within the decrease right nook. 22. Turn off Folder title, activate Icon labels, turn on Use Background.png, activate Left/Right Scroll, turn off Keep Resident, change the Row to 3 and alter the Icons Theme to iNav Beta. 23. Repeat steps 21 and 22 for the Games application. Ok, now that you have spent at the least 20 minutes installing this theme correctly, lets talk about some professionals and cons. • It’s a stinking candy theme! • I really like the little arrows. • You need to have all your apps in two folders (Game and Apps) as an alternative of on your SpringBoard. • You can’t choose your Folders… Games and Apps to ensure that the theme to work appropriately. • When you deactivate the theme in WinterBoard… SpringBoard (nonetheless, if you happen to completely uninstall the theme it deletes the blank icons). • It can be slightly tricky getting used to the place to tap on the icon so that it opens the app. • I just like the look of the theme… I’m not an enormous fan of the opposite UI mods. • When you by chance hit a blank icon (a webclip) as an alternative of the application’s icon, it opens Safari.

And if you want to take away this bar and go for a more memorials topless keyboard does try this. The Topless Keyboard tweak comes under the BigBoss repo.93. Normally in iOS, when you scroll via the App Drawer in the dialog view of the messages app, the drawer expands as you scroll. However, when you don’t want that to occur, the Small Message App Drawer removes that effect. Here is the Small Message App Drawer tweak repo.94. Normally in iOS, for those who using a device that has a 3D contact show you are able to invoke the trackpad mode on the keyboard 3D touching in your keyboard nevertheless if you want to disable the ability to invoke the trackpad mode using 3D contact No3DCursor will try this. Here is the No3DCursor tweak repo.95. Normally in iOS, if you want to get a markup menu when editing a photo in the Photos app select the three dots at the highest after which choose the markup, nevertheless, QuickMarkup simply provides a markup on the appropriate at the highest of the enhancing menu to shortly entry with out ever having to pick out these three dots.