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* [http://weed46fkpfzc3lvi.onion Eviano Luxury Weed] - High quality Weed
* [http://weed46fkpfzc3lvi.onion Eviano Luxury Weed] - High quality Weed
* [http://nktqiqxjetw65uiedr3as46emuonipfdioov4chtba6incbq7lyrajad.onion DrugLabs] - Darknet Drug Resource , hashish,weed,speed. BTC/BCH accepted...
* [http://nktqiqxjetw65uiedr3as46emuonipfdioov4chtba6incbq7lyrajad.onion DrugLabs] - Darknet Drug Resource , hashish,weed,speed. BTC/BCH accepted...
=== Counterfeits ===
* [http://countermltd42g4x.onion/ USD Counterfeits] - The best USD counterfeits on the market - buy fake USD banknotes with Bitcoin.
* [http://replicaf6cjadwxs.onion/ EURO Replicas/Counterfeits] - High Quality Euro Counterfeits - best counterfeit banknotes in Europe.
* [http://countrfoioed4ckx.onion/ Euro & USD Counterfeits] - Euro and USD bills of good quality.
* [http://countuwelx4r7qi5.onion/ Counterfeit Factory] - The biggest Marketplace selling counterfeit bills.
* [http://fakebillkelmwaos.onion/ Fake Bills] - Your favorite seller of fake bills.
=== Paypal Accounts===
* [http://ccqvl5flhvacjjcs.onion/ '''AB CC Quality Vendor''']  - #1 Carding Site for CCs and Paypal, since 2011 Active 24/7 all year,([http://ccqvl5flhvacjjcs.onion/forum/ !!! With real Active Forum !!!]) !!! We Accept Full Escrow !!!! WE'RE BACK !!! {{Up}} {{Verified}} {{TRUSTED}}
* [http://acteamwneyw3ik2w.onion/ Ac-team] - Visa & MasterCard cards and Paypal accounts.Clearnet escrow accepted.{{Up}}
* [http://tknijuhhdg4476vl.onion/ Amazing Templar Knights] - Brotherhood dedicated to Clone Credit Cards, hack Paypal and Western Union accounts, we accept Full Escrow, ([http://tknijuhhdg4476vl.onion/forum/ Live forum]), real Feedback
* [http://xilliayhoiuv5qmk.onion/ Financial wisdom™] - ([http://vrmfaneizwqouf5k.onion/wisdom/ check reviews]) Trusted and Oldest onion site for Cloned Credit Card and Paypal, New batch of stolen credit cards and Paypal accounts for sale, ([http://vrmfaneizwqouf5k.onion/wisdom/ Live forum with Active Members]) ,All Escrow accepted
* [http://acteamwneyw3ik2w.onion/ Ac-team] - Visa & MasterCard cards and Paypal accounts.Clearnet escrow accepted. {{Up}}
=== Gift Cards ===
* [http://kj4ltd3twej7mjcan6uckkojngwnnaxas45bkh3fg73yt4xvhwqu7fyd.onion/ Amazon Warriors] - Amazon Gift Cards.Clearnet escrow accepted.

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  • NL Growers - Cannabis from the Netherlands
  • Greenroad - Elite market since 2015 - famous sellers - counterfeits, electronics & biggest variety of drugs!] - [UP ]
  • Drug Market Anonymous marketplace for all kinds of drugs. [UP 2018-12-28 ]
  • Dream Market - Currently the largest drug marketplace on the darknet. It uses escrow as well as multisig. Dream Market under control of LE!
  • Wall Street Market - Drug marketplace, not to large but is growing. [UP ] [VERIFIED]
  • RsClub Market - A small drug marketplace. Vendors also sell Fraund Related Goods, Carded Items as well as Weapons. [Likely SCAM]
  • Onion Pharma - Pharmacy Marketplace. PSY, Stimulants, Opioids, Ecstasy and more. [UP ] [VERIFIED]
  • Connect Mega Labs - Connect Labs supply's research chemicals and pharmaceuticals in bulk
  • Dope Farm - Top Quality Cocaine (Pure Flakes 87%) From $50/g low M.O.Q

Also weed on stock

It supports Bitcoin and Monero as well as Multisig. Other Features: Kill switch password, Burn account (Clear all account data instantly), On-screen pin entry (Increases security against key logging) I am sure it will be the top marketplace in no time.