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Ong have been extremely passionate and caring in direction of instructing my mates and me once we undertook Arithmetic and Physics classes from Mr. Ong. I preferred how Mr. Ong structured his classes and conveyed the next lesson outlines to us upfront so we knew what to expect for each lesson. He was also open to changes to lesson plans, relying on the class' needs. He usually prolonged concern to us past tutorial issues, offering us encouragement and life pointers especially during nerve-racking durations of examinations. All these elements made his lessons extremely welcoming.

While you attain out to us, we'll start the process by helping you connect with a private instructor who can work with your student at times that match their availability. This ensures that your scholar is in a position to take care of their schedule in the opposite important areas of their life while nonetheless getting the math help that they need to make progress. We would love to make use of our experience to assist you find your student a math instructor who can assist them grow.

Mr Lee is extremely experienced and very patient and systematic in his educating which made math rather a lot simpler to understand. He even taught me suggestions and methods on the graphic calculator in order that I may pace up my calculations. At any time when I was in doubt or has questions, Mr Lee was always ready to help even out of class. In the long run, I managed to get A inside 2 months. Thank Mr Lee.

Vector valued features, capabilities of several variables, partial diff erentiation, a number of integration, change of variables theorem, scalar and vector fields, gradient, divergence, curl, line integral, surface integral, Green’s Stokes’ and divergence theorem, applications. Prerequisite: MATH 2 with a minimum grade of C. Ninety hours lecture. AA/AS GE. Transfer: CSU, UC; CSU GE: B4; IGETC: 2A; C-ID# MATH 230.